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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 132

- There is no more profitable position to achieve than to be THE go to expert in your area.

- This is not a position that is earned by luck.

- This is not a position that you can buy.

- It is a position that must be engineered using a strategic and methodical approach to generating that result.

- If you’re living the life of the average dentist where you are focused on today or the production for the month, this is a position you’ll probably never achieve.

- It’s not because you couldn’t, it’s simply because you’re not doing the work required to make it happen.

 - This is not work that happens beside the chair. This is strategic work. Work at the level of the systems that make your practice run.

- The most successful dentists know that, if the patients aren’t coming specifically for YOU, then they’re only coming because of your prices or the speed at which they can get an appointment.

- If that’s why they’re showing up, you’re on a slippery slope where everyone eventually loses.

- Becoming THE go to expert in your area is something that you engineer with the story you tell about your practice. A story you back up with real action.

- It’s a story you tell through your staff, by who you choose for your team and how they interact with patients.

- It’s a story you offer to the market that makes you, above everyone else, the only logical choice.

- THIS is the real work that is required to climb to the elite levels of dentistry…to become what we call the Wealthiest Dentist in the World.

- That’s a dentist with plenty of money and the time to enjoy it.

- If you want an example of someone who is doing this, take a look at Dr. Tom Peterson.

- He IS the go-to expert in his market…and even far beyond.

- Get his story at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com and discover how to do this for yourself.


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