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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 94

- While you can't control what happens in the country nor the dental industry, you can control how well you respond to what happens and how well prepared you are to profit no matter what is going on. 

- Now, today, we're going to look at ways you can be prepared for when patient demand dips across the dental industry.

- The dental industry is not a static organism. It's living, it's breathing. It goes up and it comes down. 

- Patients are humans, of course, and humans do some predictable and some very unpredictable things. 

- Right now we're coming up on what I'm projecting will be a major dip in demand from patients across the country. 

- Now, the pandemic is largely behind us and we're entering the closing months of the pent-up demand, of the catching up on dentistry period, which has meant very full schedules and higher than average demand across the country for many dentists. 

- If what I'm seeing coming over the horizon is true, that's going to change pretty soon.

- What happens if patient volume dips 15, 20, or even 30% next month? Most dentists will be in a tight position if that happens. It's not something I'd wish on anyone. 

- The best time to do something about this was 12 months ago. The second-best time to do something about this coming dip is right now. 

- But what can you do? Surely you can't stop this from happening, right? Well, of course you can't, but you can reposition yourself for maximum profit even if this does happen. 

-  Now, if I asked you to describe the systems you have in place for attracting higher quality, more profitable patients with each passing month, how would you respond? 

- How would you describe that system that you have? Do you have a system? The reality is not many dentists do. Most attract patients by chance, not by design.

- And this leaves you treating the patients that you get, which aren't always the patients that you want. 

- In the coming demand dip, as more and more of the economy opens up again, those average-level patients are going to be doing other things with their money. 

- And when you have a system installed in your practice that is finely tuned to attract the highest quality and most profitable patients, everything changes. 

- These patients have a lifestyle that is far less affected by what's going on in the economy and within the world. 

- Their level of discretionary income allows them to acquire the products and services they want, not just the ones that their insurance will pay for. 

- Getting a system that can bring you patients like this doesn't have to take a long time, but it does tend to require a big shift in your mindset and thinking. 

- In order to laser-focus on the highest profitability patients, the best patients that you can get, you have to be willing to stop focusing on other types of patients.

- And for many practices, this sounds crazy, but it's not. We have the proof. This is an extremely profitable strategy. 

- The one question you need to ask yourself is this: am I prepared to thrive during a time when patient demand is going to suffer a huge dip? 

- If not, then what are you going to choose to do right now to change that? 

- If you need help, reach out and ask. This is the problem that we solve for dentists every day, all across the US. 

- With the link below, you can schedule a call and understand more about how we can help and how this works.


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Colin CTA