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Patient Attraction Episode 1238

– I’m Colin Receveur, CEO of SmartBox.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’d like to share something that Dr. Travis Watson of Marietta, Georgia, said:

– “A consistent goal that we have is to continue to have the new patients come in that are high-quality, who are interested in comprehensive dentistry …

– “… and really just want something better for themselves and aren’t just what we call single-tooth type situations.

– “They’re more of the fine cases that we enjoy doing.

– “So that’s always going to be a goal for us as we move forward with a company like SmartBox to help us with that.”

– Think about that for a second.

– Dr. Watson has a goal of getting better patients, patients that aren’t one-and-dones, insurance-driven, or price shopping.

– That’s because he’s figured out that with the right patients, he can earn more while working less.

– What kinds of patients are in your chairs?

– And what kind of average case value are you getting?

– Dentistry was never intended to be a volume-driven profession.

– But that’s what it has evolved into for way too many dentists.

– They’re working too hard for too long for too little because they’re not attracting the right kind of patients.

– Let’s be clear – almost every practice has some relatively low-value patients.

– But there’s a huge difference between having some of those patients and having mostly low-value patients.

– The second scenario is what keeps dentists running frantically between operatories.

– So let’s talk about what it takes to get better patients in your practice.

– If you’re advertising on price, specials, discounts, or insurance, you’re not going to get many high-value patients.

– Someone who’s looking at a full-mouth reconstruction isn’t going to care much about a 5 percent discount for prepayment.

– They’re interested in finding the right dentist for them.

– The right dentist is the one they like, trust, and consider the dental expert to solve their issues.

– It’s nearly impossible to convey all that with traditional dental marketing.

– Convincing a better prospect is a process, not a single event.

– All of your marketing has to work together to gradually persuade prospects that they should choose you.

– That’s particularly true for your online marketing because today’s dental prospects overwhelmingly begin their search for a dentist online.

– Your website, your blog, and your social media have to present a consistent impression of you and your staff.

– Your online patient testimonials have to reinforce that impression.

– Better dental patients want to know 3 things.

– Number 1: Will you understand my dental issues and not judge me?

– Number 2: Can I trust you to take good care of me?

– Number 3: Will choosing you as my dentist make my life better?

– In short, the relationship aspect of choosing a dentist is even more important to better patients than price.

– Most dentists struggle to answer those questions in their marketing.

– And they’re too busy seeing too many patients for not enough money to revamp their marketing.

– That’s where SmartBox comes in.

– SmartBox provides a steady stream of better patients to dentists so they can focus on actually doing the dentistry – but with better patients and much higher case values.

– If you want to make dentistry everything it was always supposed to be, here’s your first step.

Visit smartboxdental.com and reserve your no-cost, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™.

– It’s a 25-minute phone call that results in a completely personalized Patient Attraction Roadmap.

– The Roadmap will give you recommendations for thriving in spite of the competition in your market.

– And your Patient Attraction Roadmap™ is completely free, and there’s no obligation.

– Your path to getting better patients in your chairs requires a 25-minute investment of your time.

– You can make that investment or keep working too hard for too long for too little.

– Join me for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.

Colin Receveur

Created by Colin Receveur

“As a dentist, you don’t want marketing or websites or SEO, You want more and better patients in your chair. We know how to dominate your market area to make that happen.”

"Running your practice by yourself can feel overwhelming. With our help, you can increase the quality and quantity of your new patients, which will allow you to get back to enjoying life."
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Colin CTA