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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 90

- One thing that I hear from dentists constantly is that they're not getting the results they expected from their marketing. 

- And just so happens that I have a solution to this problem. 

- Now, let's start off with a simple idea. And this idea is that marketing does not make you any money. 

- This is a huge misconception. Marketing does not make you any money; marketing gives you opportunities to make money, to see more patients and solve more dental problems. 

- So every time you spend time and/or money to market, it's like being up to bat in a baseball game. 

- And every time your marketing doesn't deliver, it's a swing and a miss. 

- Now, nobody bats 1.000. But every miss is a waste of your hard earned marketing dollars. 

- Now, that marketing firm you hired should be able to give you the number of new patient opportunities, what we call an NPO, that you can expect per month in exchange for your investment. 

- If they haven't, it's time for you to wake up. You don't need to keep paying for somebody to try their best. 

- If you're not getting the results that you expect, kick them to the curb.

- I can say that because among all of our SmartBox dentists, 58% of them are actually getting double – 200% or more – of their monthly NPOs that they're looking for and expecting. 

- In other words, they're getting double what they're paying for. Now, that could be you.

- We’re a practice growth firm., but that includes providing world-class dental practice marketing services. 

- So if your marketing has been striking out, here's an option.

- Schedule a Practice Growth Call using the link below. 

- Now, this is a complimentary 45-minute call that's going to be a mutual exploration of where you're at in your practice, and what you want to be doing, and how we're going to get there and how we're going to help you build the plan to achieve those goals. 

- And, what is your current marketing doing or not doing for you? 

- Now, I'll just mention that you can pretty much choose your level of new patient opportunities in these calls. 

- Following the call, we're gonna send you a completely personalized Roadmap and walk you through how we're going to take you from where you are today, to where you really want to be to where you're thriving. 

- So if that's something you want to explore, schedule right away. These times fill up fast.


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SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

"Running your practice by yourself can feel overwhelming. With our help, you can increase the quality and quantity of your new patients, which will allow you to get back to enjoying life."
Colin CTA

Colin CTA