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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 38

- Most private practice dentists that I talk to don't see the big picture of what patient acquisition and retention is all about. 

- And when I'm talking to some of the DSO clients we have and business-minded folks, they generally get it. 

- And the message is this. 

- Achieving maximum efficiency in your results, in your practice, is critical, if for no other reason, than you can greatly outspend all of your competitors in new patient acquisition and patient retention.

- And this is the core secret of growth, of the power, is being able to spend a lot more on attracting patients, and keeping each patient, more so than anyone else can or will.

- Without of course, affecting your profitability and your margins.

- Saving money in one area allows you to reallocate it to another. 

- In achieving this maximum efficiency in your results, your financial results, creating more bang for your buck as it's colloquially known in the expression world, allows you to comfortably outspend your competitors with attracting new patients, and on retaining those patients.

- You need patients that are going to pay, stay, and refer. You remain profitable while growing at a rate that your competitors can't hope to match. 

- And if you're in an area that DSO's, corporate, private equity money have started coming into, you're already seeing this. You're just on the wrong end of the stick.

- When you achieve that maximum efficiency in your results, you'll have that same power at your fingertips. 

- And you're on the top of the heap looking down. 

- If you want to see how to dial in your marketing, and to dial in your patient acquisition and retention engine, so that you're maximizing every step of your money funnel, the first step is to schedule a Practice Growth Call, and we'll lay it all out for you.


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