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Patient Attraction Episode 1016

It always amazes me how many dentists don’t accurately track their marketing ROI. It’s not always within their control; many dental marketing firms don’t provide the tools to figure out what you’re getting for your hard-earned dollars. I’ll be back after the break to tell you a better way to know how well your marketing is working.

– Thanks for watching the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– I’m Colin Receveur.

– Return on investment is one of the basic measurements of success for any business.

– Opinions vary on what ROI dentists should expect from their marketing.

– But a return of 200 or 300 percent is much lower than you need to grow your practice.

– That measly return has to cover your overhead, labor costs, and much more.

– Here’s a question, though – are you even getting that return from your marketing, and how do you know?

– Research shows that dental patients perform poorly when asked to recall the specific ad or marketing piece that influenced them to book an appointment.

– So just asking them when they call or at the time of admission isn’t going to tell you what parts of your marketing are working.

– And it’s not going to tell you what parts you’re wasting money on because they return few, if any, patients.

– At SmartBox Web Marketing, we’re able to tell our dentists exactly what their respective ROIs are.

– That’s because we use Zetetics® phone tracking to identify the source of each new patient call.

– We also monitor every new patient call for every dentist every month.

– We can do that because the calls are automatically recorded and stored in a database.

– If there’s a problem on the front end with handling new patient calls, we can alert the dentist.

– Every new patient caller lost is money out the dentist’s pocket.

– You might be wondering what ROIs our dentists enjoy.

– That varies, of course, but I’m proud to say that many of our dentists have ROIs between 1700 and 4600 percent!

– ROI is too important to be left to hearsay or chance.

– Dr. Matthew Burton, a cosmetic and family dentist in Florida, really values our phone tracking services.

– He told us,“I think that the greatest service that SmartBox has added recently is having SmartBox’s team listen to and grade our phone calls.

– “That really eliminates a lot of time for me.

– “I don’t have time to go back and listen to all the phone calls.

– “Ninety percent of them are “change my appointment” or do something simple and just not a valuable use of time.

– “If I have your team kind of highlighting these calls – “Here’s the ones you’ve got to listen to…” – we can grow from that.

– “We can get better answering or fielding those calls, and it can do nothing but help drive new patients in the future.” 

– Join us for our next podcast.

– Until next time, keep moving forward.

Colin Receveur

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