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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 29

- When we first come into a practice and we start monitoring and analyzing what's really happening within the five A's? 

- What is the team? How is the team performing? The answer rate, the appoint rate, the attending rate of your patients, the acceptance rate, and then of course your average, but let's focus on the first two, answer and appoint.

 -When we come into a practice and we start looking at, hey, who's on your team? Are they A players? 

- What is the answer and the appoint rates and we start breaking down these numbers. 

- One of the things that always happens is there starts to be a judgment made on the team members or they feel they're being judged for not performing where they should be.

- The thing I always reinforce to doctors is you can't influence something you judge. You can't do it. 

- If you come into a meeting and you say, why is this all screwed up? What did you do here? The first thing your staff's going to do is they're going to clam up and they're going to get in defensive mode and you've backed them into a corner. 

- If you want to grow your team and cultivate A players, you've got to come in and in a nonjudgmental way help them to understand and be empowered to raise the bar and to grow their skills and to elevate themselves.

- Realize, it's not the staff's team's fault. They are where they are. If ownership falls on anybody, it falls on the doctor. 

- Why didn't the doctor train the team and enable them to be successful? 

- But we're not placing blame. We're just coming in and trying to create a team-driven practice, high performance team that understands the five A's and is plugging the holes in the schedule and is operating efficiently and smoothly, and you can't influence something you judge.


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