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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 102

- Every dentist gets a choice. Do you spend most of your time playing offense or most of your time playing defense? Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose? 

- Now, these are two very different mindsets that lead to two very different outcomes.

- Most dentists play not to lose. They carefully assess risk. Meticulously do their research and do their best to avoid making a mistake. 

- Now, playing to win looks very different. CEO dentists play to win. CEO dentists set their sight on achieving a specific level of success and then install the required strategies and systems to make that happen.

- It doesn't matter what is happening in the dental industry, it all comes down to a single choice. Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose? 

- If you want to play not to lose, do what most dentists do. Advertise, treat patients, rinse and repeat. It's hard work. And you can make a pretty good living at it, at least for now.

- If you want to play to win, do what CEO dentists do. Take a systems perspective and build the ones you need to propel you towards an elite level of success. 

- This means you have patient-getting systems. You have patient-treating systems. You have hiring systems. You have management systems and more. 

- And once those systems are strategized, created and installed, your job becomes easy, because now you have the data at your fingertips to make the smart decisions. 

- You also have reclaimed an enormous amount of time to do what you love. If you're going to be successful in the coming years, playing to win is really the only option.

- To get on the road to becoming the CEO dentist, check out this link.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA