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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 138

- There’s a limit to the amount of time a dentist can endure living the dental grind.

- When every day at the office is the same, for weeks, months and even years, it can really take a toll on you. Both physically and mentally.

- Most dentists think that if they just keep working, if they just push through it, then they will eventually emerge on the other side where a much better life is waiting for them.

- But then 40 years go by and they realize that all they did was grind.

- If you’re living the dental grind right now, that’s not an obstacle to work through, it’s a clue that something you’re doing is not quite right.

- So the question to ask yourself is a simple one: For how long do you want to live this way?

- Our friend, Dr. Tom Peterson asked himself this question many years ago. He was already well into a career FULL of living the dental grind.

- But then, one day, he woke up and decided he was done doing that. He was done working so hard day in, day out. 

- He was done stressing about money. He was done constantly babysitting every little detail in his practice.

- He “hit the wall” long before most dentists do. The dental grind was asking him to pay a price he wasn’t willing to pay.

- So he flipped his practice upside down. He reinvented it to take the “dental grind” OFF the table as a possibility for his future.

- And now, he works two days a week generating $4 million a year, more than most dentists think is even possible.

- To step out of the dental grind, you have to make the decision to STOP and to start doing something better.

- If you haven’t read Dr. Peterson’s story, you can get your copy at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com.


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