On March 18th, Colin Receveur presented the first episode of his weekly live Survive & Thrive seminar designed to provide dentists with concrete, actionable steps they can take now to secure their futures. 
The March 18th presentation provided 8 strategies that dentists can implement right now. Those strategies cover such areas as: 
  • Maintain frequent communication with your existing patients and prospects; there’s a free, downloadable dental practice coronavirus response letter for your use.
  • Provide the reassurance and comfort that people need during this time of uncertainty.
  • A Smile Assessment solution that you can put on your website for teledentistry consultations.
  • Ensuring live-person, 24/7 phone answering via a free, 14-day PatLive trial.
  • Leveraging your suite of online products that allow your patients to communicate with you.
  • Taking advantage of financial support opportunities to maintain you team and practice
  • SmartBox’s COVID-19 Response Plan for dentists.

And much more. 

The weekly Survive & THRIVE seminar includes a Q&A session so dentists can get real-time answers to their most pressing questions.

SmartBox is devoting all of our resources to helping dentists—clients and non-clients—Survive and THRIVE during this period of uncertainty. We urge you to put these strategies to work as soon as possible.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA