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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 62

- I get asked a lot about, what if I have a core of A-players in my practice? And then I'm surrounding them with other B and C players in the practice? Is that okay? 

- No, it's not okay. And here's why. A- players in your practice are not going to want to work alongside C-players. 

- Now, if you have some B-players floating around, that's okay. 

- Our goal in business and in your dental practice is to have 90% of our people operating at 90% of their goals 90% of the time, and that's what an A-player team driven practices. - 90% of our people at any time are A-players; realize you're not going to be an A-player all the time. 

- Nobody is, you're not going to be, and that's okay. We want to get 90% of our people over that line. 

- And if you have people that are chronically C-players and are not improving, that's going to pull down the morale of your whole team. 

- Your A-players are not going to want to work with C-players. It's not gonna happen, they're gonna go find another job. 

- Because that's why they're A-players – they can command the salary and they can command the environment that they work in. 

- And like people want to be around other like people;  A-players want to hang out with A-players, C-players will want to hang out with C-players. 

- And just like back in school, here's a really quick way to identify your A-players if you have metrics and goals in your practice. 

- Remember back in school, that a student sat in the front of class and they always raised their hand to show off that they had the answer. 

- Your A-players are going to love metrics and they're going to love to let you know that they're hitting your metrics. 

- C-players are going to push back against metrics. They don't like being measured. They don't like being quantified in a way that shows that they're operating substandard.


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