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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 112

-There are two types of successful dentists, those who achieve success by chance, and then there's those who do it by design.

- If you achieve success by chance, meaning you just worked your butt off until you got there, you run the risk of arriving only to realize you've built a prison for yourself that you can't leave. 

- That's where a lot of successful dentists are right now. Sure, they're successful, but they're working 24/7 to get it.

- They have a family they never get to see, and only get to read about vacations in the magazines in their waiting room. 

- So the word success doesn't really tell the whole story.

- Dentists who achieve success by design are totally different. They achieve success on their own terms. 

- In other words, they decide on the type of life they want to live, and then they build their practice in a way to make that happen. 

- Dr. Peterson is one of those doctors.

- Technically, he's been successful for decades, but his first experience was by chance. He worked like a dog.

- His second experience of success was totally different. 

- For this one, he designed the life that he wanted to live, and then he went and made it happen. For him, that means working two days a week. 

- The good news is that he's agreed to let us tell his story. So if the idea of “success by design” sounds good to you, grab a copy of this report here.


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