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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 92

- No dentist is an island, so to speak. And it's fair to say that a dentist is as good as the team that supports them. 

- Let's talk about your people. 

- I want to start by acknowledging that your team is certainly composed of great people doing the very best that they think they can. After all, you hired them. 

- And I assume that any team members who didn't work out, you showed the door to. 

- So while they're doing the best for the patients, and for you, is their best good enough or not? 

- It's almost cliche. But employees who don't learn, improve and grow in their work, are less happy and productive overall. 

- And drama is the bane of dental practices everywhere. The last thing you need is someone who's unhappy in their job, but keeps coming in. 

- When it comes to developing your people, do you actually have the time to figure out performance training and implement it? 

- Yeah, didn't think so. Most dentists are too busy seeing patients to even address the squeaky wheel in the practice, if there is one.

- Because let's face it, a squeaky wheel may just need some oil, or it may need the bearing or the wheel replaced.

- You might have time to squirt the oil on. But what about if it's more? Probably not until you're pushed to do it.

- So, how is your front office doing for you? Are they hitting your expectations? Are they doing the best they can? 

- How would you know unless you're hanging around listening to those calls and monitoring them. 

- I mean, if you're doing that, now, you've really got bigger problems if you're hiding behind the wall, listening to how they handle those new patient calls. 

- If your front office isn't appointing all of your qualified new patient opportunities that are calling, you're really flushing the marketing dollars and your potential down the toilet. 

- What if the new patient doesn't show up, you're losing more potential revenue. 

- You don't have the bandwidth to train everybody in your team and then hold them accountable to producing the outcome that you expect. 

- Which is why we've created an online on demand video driven curriculum that will turn your front office into a new patient appointing powerhouse. 

- It's called Success Academy-People, and one of the really great things about it is there's not too much that you really personally need to do. 

- Your top performers will find themselves confident in their skills while your B and C players will gain confidence and learn how to get to be A-players. 

- You can learn more about Success Academy-People at the link below and then start getting back to dentistry and treating patients.

- Dentists need to spend their time doing dentistry.


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