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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 95

- In little more than 60 seconds, I'm going to help you to discover a proven method for selling your dental practice for top dollar. 

- Now, the funny part is that this method has nothing to do with finding a buyer or negotiating or any other steps in the actual sale transaction. 

- This method focuses on what you can begin doing right now to make your practice a far more attractive and profitable target for just the right buyer. 

- Now, the fact is, most dentists wait far too long to sell, and they end up looking for a buyer for a practice that's already in decline. 

- If you're looking for top dollar in exchange for all of your years and decades of hard work, you've got to do something different, something smarter.

- The focus of the method that we're going to talk about today is transforming the way your practice works, particularly the way it attracts patients, so you create a systematic way to generate predictable and consistent new patient results. 

- Now, the secret is a four-step approach that almost every dentist will say he knows, and yet based on our decades of experience, very few dentists actually do. 

- The parts are simple. We need to attract, convert, follow up and track. All words we know and all words that very few dentists actually do on a consistent basis. 

- When you have all four pieces of the puzzle working together, magical things can happen. Things like doubling your average patient value or cutting your cost of acquiring a new top- quality patient by 40%.

- Now, this systematic approach can boost your results far more than just adding more hours and more days of hard work. 

- So, instead of adding two plus two and getting four, you can get to eight or 10 or 30. 

- The results that this systematic approach can achieve are far more than the sum of its parts. 

- The real value to this approach is that by boosting your results in this systematic way, meaning it doesn't require more hard work, your practice becomes a much more attractive asset to your potential buyers. 

- Imagine if most dentists sold their practices at the highest levels of production and profitability, what would that do to the sales price? 

Now, would you rather get a $1 million dollar payday or a $3.5 million payday, when you sell?

- If you position your practice properly, the buyers will show up, ready to pay. 

- To get more details about how this systematic approach works and why now is the right time to begin working on it, I've prepared a short but meaty report that explains that for you. 

- If you're going to maximize the sale price, you need to pursue that goal in a strategic way, because getting top dollar, it's not lucky. It's something smart dentists achieve by design. 

- To get your copy of the report, just visit the URL and then enter your information on the page.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA