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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 110

- While you learned a lot in dental school, there's probably one lesson that you were taught that is responsible for most of the stress, frustration, and pressure that dentists feel from day to day.

- And that lesson is what I call the 40-year plan. 

- The 40-year plan tells a dentist that after school, he should go out, he should get a practice, he should work hard for 40 years and then hope he can cash out with enough money to actually retire.

- This is a rational and practical approach and it sounds completely reasonable as well. 

- But once you start living it, you realize it can actually be a pretty miserable way to live those 40 years of your life. 

- A lot of dentists don't make it through the whole 40-year plan. 

- To do all that work just hoping for a big payoff, doesn't always work out. And sometimes your body's going to give out, right?

- Other times there’s just too much stress.

- There's a dentist we work with Dr. Tom Peterson, who is pretty much opted out of the 40-year plan. And that's how he started his career.

-  He worked on that track for a while, but one day he just got sick of the whole grind and decided he was going to find a better way. And he did. 

- These days, he's got five to seven days each week to do whatever he wants, not dentistry.

- Sometimes he travels, other times he's relaxing around home and no he's not retired, not even close. 

- You're not retired when you're putting millions in your pocket every year.

- He's just set things up so he doesn't have to slave away like a lot of dentists do. 

- We have a report we publish that gives you more details about his story and how he’s set things up. 

- To get a copy, go here and enter your information. 

- It'll only take you about 10 minutes to read this report, but it's going to open your eyes about how much money you're probably leaving on the table right now in your practice.


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