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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 120

- At some point in every dentist's career, they hit the point at which going to the office starts to feel like a daily grind. 

- There are a lot of details required to run a successful dental practice, a never ending stream of things you have to pay attention to pretty much all the time.

- And while the patient faces may change from day to day and week to week, a lot of things stay the same. 

- So it's pretty common that we see 5 years in or maybe 10 years in, things start to feel a little bit repetitive. 

-This is not meant to be something you push through, it's something that is showing up as a clue. A clue that it's time to change something about the way you work.

- Hamsters run on wheels, and they seem to be pretty content with just going around and around and around in circles. 

- But dentists are not hamsters. And there's only so long that a dentist can hold out when each day in the office just continues to feel like the grind.

- So what's the solution? 

- It's a different approach to running your practice. 

- The solution is a different method of setting up the processes and systems so that you exchange the dental grind for what you might call the dental climb. 

- Yes, there is work to be done, but, with the right approach, it's work that you do once. It's work that diminishes over time, because you have the systems in place.

- So, sure, you'll still have the hill to climb to get everything in place, but once you do, and you get to the peak, the rest is smooth sailing from there. 

- Now, depending on your situation that might sound like a fantasy, you may be saying, "Colin, you're full of it."

- So, let me introduce you to a dentist who is living this. His name is Dr. Tom Peterson. 

- 20 years ago, he was your average dentist. He lived the dental grind for a couple of decades.

- But he hit a wall. And he had to make a serious change to the way he ran the practice.

- These days, he's arrived up and over the peak of the climb, and he's having a great time doing it. 

- If you're tired of the dental grind, read his story and understand what might be possible for you. 

- Dr. Tom generates in two days what most dentists can't even do in five or six. 

- Grab a copy of "The Wealthiest Dentist in the World" story here.


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