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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 10

There’s many a slip between the ring and the answer. Most dentists seriously overestimate the percentage of calls that are actually answered.

– I was giving a seminar last month and I asked the crowd, I said, what percentage of your phones do you think are answered during business hours?

– I said raise your hand if you think 95% to 100% of your phones are answered during business hours.

– And about a half to two thirds of the room, a half to three quarters of the room, raised their hand, that 95% to 100% of their phone calls during business hours were being answered in their practice.

– I said okay, how many of you think 90% to 95% of your calls are being answered?

– A couple people raised their hand.

– Then I said how many of you feel that under 90% of your calls during business hours are answered?

– I bet there were maybe three people in a room of 450 dentists actually raised their hand.

– So then I advanced the slide on my presentation and I showed them the reality of where the average practice is in the United States today.

– The average practice answers 66% of their phone calls during business hours.

– The top 10% in the United States based on a sampling of almost 20,000 practices, a top 10% practice is at 90% to 91%.

– An average 50th percentile practice is at 66%, and the bottom 10% are at 34%.

– When I showed these stats, nobody, nobody thinks that that is their practice.

– Nobody even can dream of thinking.

– Let me tell you, of the 20,000 practices that were a part of our study, the top performing practice, the single top performing practice, answered 96% of their calls.

– 96% is the top during business hours.

– I think that just goes to show you like what percentage of calls should I be answering?

– Well, the answer is all of them.

– What percentage of the calls in your practice can you answer?

– Well, if you have the right processes and the right training and the right people, and you use something similar to what we teach with our Bat Line system, which is extremely effective, you can get to 90% or 95%.

– Should you be answering more? Ah, I don’t like the word should. It implies I’m not doing something right.

– If the top 10% of the practices in this country are growing at 35% year over year and they’re answering 90% to 92% of their calls during business hours, that’s pretty good in my book.

– I think that’s where you need to really aim for is let’s be in the top 20%, let’s be in the top 10%. Answering 100% isn’t practical.

Colin Receveur

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