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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 114

- When we first started working with Dr. Raleigh Pioch out of Oregon, he had two offices that were producing about $800,000 a year combined. 

- Six years later, he's combined these two practices together and grown them into an absolute monster, producing almost $4 million a year.

- He was generating about 400 calls a month and 180 new patients out of that. Now, how did he make that happen? Marketing.

- Marketing is a word that is a little bit deceiving. Marketing is not the same as advertising, although advertising can be a part of marketing. 

- Advertising is about shouting something out at the world.

- Marketing is about drawing them towards you without having to shout.

- Advertising is an event. Marketing is a process.

- Dr. Pioch is a busy, busy guy, so to generate the production number that he wanted to see, he built systems that went out and brought patients into his door.

- How do you get 400 phone calls a month from new patients? 

- The answer is you don't. Your systems do.

- We actually published an entire case study about Dr. Pioch. 

- If you want to get the details about how he built so much success in his business so quickly, you can get a copy here.


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