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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 121

- Nothing eats at a dentist in quite the same way as financial pressure. 

- Sure, maybe that difficult case stays in your head for a couple of days, or maybe there's that one patient where you realize you could have done something different. Better. 

- But, in general, if you look at the majority of the stress in a dentist's life, it usually comes down to finances. 

- Either, there's not enough money coming in, there's not enough new patients, there's too much going on or too much money getting paid out, or all of the above. 

- Depending on how many years this battle goes on, it can really take the fun out of doing the thing that you love the most.

- Working harder is not the smartest solution for dealing with financial pressure. 

- It sounds smart and plenty of dentists try it, but the price you pay for that route is usually a big one. 

- Sometimes you pay the price with your physical health. Sometimes you pay it with your mental health. Sometimes you pay it in the broken relationships at home or with those you love. 

- The smart way to deal with financial pressure is to reconfigure a select set of systems and processes that are running your practice. 

- If your current systems and processes are creating financial pressure, then something's wrong. The good news is, all this can be fixed.

- In our work with 5,000 plus dentists across the country, we've turned this type of thing into a science. We know which systems to put in place where and when, and in what configuration they need to be to serve as the relief valve for financial stress. 

- Financial pressure is not the problem, it's a symptom of the problem. 

- Trying to solve financial issues directly is no different than dumping more water into a boat with a big hole in the bottom. 

- The goal is to fix the hole. 

- Dr. Tom Peterson is one dentist who took this approach and transformed his entire life. 

- You might say, "He's living the dream." We just call him the wealthiest dentist in the world. 

- He's got money and he's got the time to actually enjoy it. 

- He did the work, and now we're talking about how he took his financial pressures that most dentists deal with and threw 'em out the window. 

- You can grab a copy of his story and see exactly how he made that happen. 

- If you want to say goodbye to constant financial pressure, then know that you are the one that can make that happen.

- Get a copy of Dr. Peterson’s story at here.


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