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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 127

 -Most dentists are awash in an endless stream of numbers.

 -New patient opportunities, patients appointed, cases accepted, production overhead, numbers, numbers, numbers.

 -There's a lot of stuff to track.

 -Some dentists track nothing, and the results they generate tend to show that lack of attention.

 -Other dentists track the wrong things, and they invest effort for little to no return without a payoff.

 -Some dentists attempt to track everything, and by doing that, they ultimately end up tracking nothing.

 -So let's start with a simple way to turn this around when it comes to what you need to be tracking in your practice.

 -All the numbers in your practice work together to support the single most important number to any dentist.

 -It's a number that I call the magic number.

 -It's profit per hour.

 -Do you know what yours is this month? And do you know what it was last month? How about last year and the year before?

 -Very few dentists I ask know this, and that's a huge, and for you, extremely expensive problem.

 -Until you know what that number is and which way it's trending, you're not gonna be able to make intelligent decisions.

 -What's possible when you know that number?

 -I'll tell you there's some pretty cool things that are actually possible.

 -It's the power of that number that let Dr. John O'Rourke take his monthly production from $235,000 to $609,000 without adding new chairs, without adding new locations.

 -And I know that sounds impossible, but it's not. It happened.

 -It's happened again and again and again for dentists just like Dr. O'Rourke.

 -Dr. O'Rourke's story is so remarkable and such a great demonstration of what can happen when you start tracking the right things, that we're making his story available to the entire dental community.

 -Want to reap the benefits that come with a laser focus on tracking profit per hour?

 -Then grab a copy of Dr. O'Rourke's story here to see exactly how he did it.


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