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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 64

- The Player Matrix is designed to help you calibrate your team so that you are being abundantly clear with where they're performing. 

- And they know clearly where they're at. 

- If you've ever had to fire somebody or had to discipline somebody, and they said, “I just had no idea that things were bad or that there was anything wrong,” then this is a great tool that's going to help you to raise performance within your team, and more clearly share your expectations of what needs to happen. 

- And the way the Matrix works is very simple. You have a four-quadrant ABCD. If somebody is not a cultural fit, if they're not meeting your values, they immediately go from an A-player to a C -player. 

- A cultural misfit in your practice is toxic. And if you don't fix it, you're going to have all kinds of problems that transpire from there. 

- You're very unlikely to have somebody that is an awful cultural fit that is an extremely high performer. 

- Now it happens. It does happen from time to time where you have Suzy that's just killing it on performance. 

- But man, she's got a bad attitude and she's just awful to be around and everybody hates her. 

- It's more likely when they move down into the cultural misfit, that you also have low performance, or just moderate performance. 

- Now, if you've got an A-player that is a great cultural fit, they're just not doing what needs to be done., that's okay. That's simply a B-player. 

- And B-players can oftentimes be grown into A-players. Once somebody falls into the C quadrant, it's much harder to raise them up. 

- And then of course, if they're not performing, and they're not a cultural fit, they're a D- player. 

- And part of maintaining a team-driven practice is your ability to effectively off-board people as they're no longer the right fit within the practice. 

- You need to be either growing up or growing out your team and that will allow you to continually maintain a strong team of A-players.


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