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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 128

-When you're running a dental practice, it's a common question to ask yourself, how can I achieve more?

-While this is a fine question, it's not the right question. In fact, for most dentists, it's far from the most profitable question, at least not at first.

-The tendency is to figure out how you can get more without realizing the potential of what you already have.

-And in the case of Dr. John O'Rourke, the guy we refer to as the $6 million dentist.

-He took his practice to $6 million a year without adding more chairs or without adding new locations.

-He was about to head down the traditional path to ramping up his production before we asked the question, "Before we add more chairs, before we add more location, what's the unrealized potential of what you already have?"

-As it turns out, the answer was about $374,000 per month.

-With the right processes and the right systems in place, Dr. O'Rourke was able to capture all of the revenue that he had just been leaving on the table. 

-My hunch is that this very same type of situation is what's happening in your dental practice right now, and many other dental practices across the country.

-Dentists are hyper-focused on going out there and getting more, without realizing the amount of business that they're already leaving on the table.

-The transformation that Dr. O'Rourke created, from this single principle, was enough to more than double his monthly production.

-Imagine what this principle could do in your practice.

-We're making Dr. O'Rourke’s case study available in the report here, detailing all of his achievements.


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