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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 133

- Most dentists who are focused on getting more patients never realize that’s actually what is keeping them from climbing to higher levels of profitability.

- More patients will keep your schedule full, but that doesn’t mean you’re actually getting anywhere.

- How do you know if you’re getting anywhere? Is that a feeling you have? Is it a number on a spreadsheet?

- If you’ve read the Wealthiest Dentist in the world, you know that Production Velocity is the number to look at.

- If you haven’t read this yet, get your copy at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com. What Dr. Peterson has achieved is nothing short of amazing.

- Production Velocity isn’t about how many patients you treat, it’s about how fast the money is made.

- For every hour of your life you work in your practice, how much is coming back? That’s what you need to know.

- If this number isn’t climbing, then your entire practice is STANDING STILL.

- All of the systems in your practice work together to get that number climbing.

- Because Production Velocity is your ticket to freedom.

- It is the only path to becoming a dentist with plenty of money and the time to enjoy it.

- Too many smart dentists struggle simply because they’re not focusing on the areas of their practice that can completely transform their future.

- More patients is only part of the puzzle.

- More money in less time is where you want to be.


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