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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 135

- In any well-run dental practice, all of the different parts, from your systems to your team and beyond, are focused on achieving a single goal: success.

- Everyone is aligned and doing their part to move closer to that goal tomorrow than you are today.

- But there’s one player in this system for whom that’s not true. 

- There’s one part of the puzzle in most dental practices that really has no interest in seeing you succeed and only has an interest in seeing themselves succeed: And that is the insurance company.

- Despite what their marketing materials say about partnering or being part of the family, we all know what they’re really about. 

- They’re about profit, in their pocket, not yours.

- The reason that insurance companies can create so much frustration for dentists is because, based on their goals, they should NOT be playing a big role in any dental practice serious about profitability.

- Insurance companies don’t exist to make YOU profit, they exist to make themselves profit. And their main source of profits is YOUR POCKET.

- So what is to be done?

- The ultimate solution is to ban them from your practice. Depending on your current situation, this might seem like a risky move.

- And it would be risky if you chose to do it all at once. 

- But when implemented as a gradual process, you can increase your opportunity for profit and break away from the insurance machine one step at a time.

- Smart dentists don’t really have a choice.

- You can either start the process to move your practice AWAY from insurance, or you can deal with their growing influence on how you practice and what you get paid.

- So the choice really comes down to what you want your future to look like: Do you want to be free? Or do you want to be working for an insurance company who has no interest if you succeed or not?

- Dr. Tom Peterson is one dentist who made this switch and “banned” insurance from his practice. 

- To get his story visit www.WealthiestDentistReport.com


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