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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 57

- There are four types of dentist: the Practitioner, the Perfectionist, the Piddler, and the CEO. 

- And these four mindsets of dentists represent the Time-Money matrix, which is a very simple process we use to describe dentists that are at different mindsets based on how they spend their time, and how they earn money, and consequently, how they're treating patients. 

- Some dentists spend a lot of time treating very few patients and they earn a little bit of money. 

- Some dentists also spend a little bit of time treating a lot of patients and they don't make any money. 

- Other dentists spend a lot of time treating a lot of patients and they're making a lot of money and earning a great living. 

- But they're burning the wicked both ends and and they're literally on roller skates in the operatories.

- The CEO dentist is able to spend a less amount of time treating a less amount of patients and maximize the money that they earn in their practice by delivering maximum value to the patients. 

- And that's one of the most important things that we teach our dentists.

- How do I move throughout the Time-Money Matrix to maximize not only the money that I'm earning, but also the time that I'm investing into the practice to make sure that I'm able to enjoy the money that I'm earning.



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