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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 106

- There are really only two kinds of dentist in the world. Those who are profit rich, and those who are profit poor. 

- Now, you can't tell which type someone is by the car they drive, or even the house they live in. Production has nothing to do with which type of dentist you are either.

- It's not how much you make that matters. It's how much you keep. 

- The only real way to tell is to look at the balance in the bank account over time. Is it growing or is it shrinking?  

- Profit rich dentists end up with far more cash at the end of each month while worn out profit poor dentists take a nap so they can rest up before the next month begins.

- Both types of dentists generally invest about the same amount of effort and time. It's just that the profit poor dentist doesn't have much to show for it.

- And that brings a whole different feeling on the first day of each month. Profit rich dentists are energized by the financial progress that they see. 

- Profit poor dentists are worn out, knowing that they have to work really, really hard again, and will probably end up with scraps just like last month. 

- The good news is that profit is a choice. It's not something you want to pursue directly. It's something where you build the systems that make profit naturally happen within your practice. 

- This is work that many dentists never do, but they pay a huge price because of it. If you aren't maximizing the profit in your practice right now, what are you working hard for?

- Without profit, you're just churning cash. To get more tips about how to become a profit rich dentist, get a copy of our ultimate profit fix report now.


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