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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 134

- What good is making $2 million a year if you have no time to enjoy it?

- What good is all the free time in the world if you don’t have the resources to live the life you want?

- The two most important goals for any dentist are simple: Money and time.

- In the World of the Wealthiest Dentist, everything works together to boost both of these numbers. Without BOTH, you get misery.

- The trap that so many dentists fall into is that they think the one leads to the other. That if you get enough money, you can have the time.

- But then, 40 years go by and they realize they were just chasing an illusion.

- If you’re going to climb to the elite levels of dentistry, you need to understand that you focus on BOTH of these numbers at the same time.

- You need to figure out how to generate the money with plenty of time left over.

- This constraint is actually what makes your decisions pretty easy.

- If you need to generate X in a certain amount of time, then choosing the type of patients you work with becomes easier. If you choose the wrong patients, you’ll never make it to your goal. 

- This is how you become far more strategic about everything that’s going on in your practice.

- You’re not just trying to be “successful” like most dentists say they are. That’s a word that is far too general to make decision making easy.

- The goal is plenty of money and the time to enjoy it.

- That is specific. That makes it clear why you need a certain level of team member. 

- That makes it easy to understand why you need to repel low quality patients and build systems that attract only the best patients.

- Becoming the Wealthiest Dentist in the World is not something that happens by chance. It is strategic. 

- If you want an example, get Dr. Peterson’s story we released at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com and walk through some of the steps.

- Dr. Peterson has plenty of money and the time to enjoy it.

- He’s living the dream that most dentists say they want.

- He figured out a way to build that and now he’s offering to share that story with you.


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