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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 30

- Most dentists can't even tell me what insurance groups they're in network with. 

- I mean, forget about daily numbers, or new patients, or number of direct referrals. 

- Not one in probably 50 know any of their numbers, and not one in 100 actually study them and act on what they find. And this is the huge mistake. 

- The critical metrics that every practice needs to be looking at are what we call the five A's. Answer, appoint, attend, accept and average. 

- The practice, and this is very simple concepts, five simple numbers that can transform your practice.

- They've got to be answering your calls. You've got to be appointing patients. Patients have to be attending appointments. 

- You have to be measuring and getting case acceptance and you have to understand your average case value or your average patient value, whether that's initial visit value, or lifetime, or first year. 

- However you measure that, just measure it consistently. 

- When you don't track your numbers, you hinder your future growth and your progress. - You measure what matters. The numbers in your practice matter, if you want to continue growing and having bigger success than you had yesterday.



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Colin CTA

Colin CTA