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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 99

- The COVID aftershock is powerful. And unfortunately, it's going to take a lot of dentists by surprise. 

- Now, based on our data, we see a big downturn coming. One that's already started. One that's set to hit dentistry in the coming months. 

 - Now, if you don't believe it's coming, you're going to make decisions for your practice that could make getting through it pretty tough. If you do believe it's coming, then you should have started already to prepare now for what's ahead. 

- What happens to your practice if patient numbers fall off the cliff? What happens if patients, now free to spend their money in many different places as the economy reopens, put dentistry down at the bottom of their list? 

- Are you prepared to weather the two, four, six, eight months of poor results? Most dentists that we're talking to right now are still trying to keep up from the pent-up demand from the pandemic. 

- So their heads are down and they're working hard. Our data shows that that is coming to an end and that what comes after is going to be very, very different.

- The COVID aftershock is no joke. And frankly, even though it's going to be rough for many dentists, it could be an enormous opportunity for some, especially for those that already saw it coming and took the action to get ready.

-  Now, to get the report we've prepared that walks through all the details, so that you understand exactly what's going to happen, visit the URL here. 

- This is not something you want to wait on. The effects of the aftershock for the unprepared are going to be bad.


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