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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 59

- Your time is your most valuable asset. 

- And throughout your days, when you're practicing, or maybe you're having a management day in the office, your time is going to constantly be pulled in other directions. 

- People are going to come to you, they're going to say, oh, Doctor, this is important or this is urgent, or this is important and urgent. 

- And you got to do this right now.

- And the reality is, very few things fall into those two categories. Very few things are important and urgent to you. Right? 

- And you can very easily map this out on the what's called Eisenhower matrix. 

- Important and urgent decisions are ones that need to be made right now and executed right now. 

- If we move into the next quadrant over, the urgent but not important matrix means I need to delegate this to be done. Right. 

- Now, if we move diagonally down to the important but not urgent matrix, this means I need to schedule it done. 

- It means I don't need to do it right now. I just need to put it on my calendar to make sure it gets done later. 

- And then there's always all kinds of requests that come in talking about things that are not urgent and not important. 

- And these are things that we just eliminate, we don't need to do. 

- So think about as you're going throughout your day and your week. 

- When people are coming to you trying to take your most valuable time, they're trying to steal your time. 

- Where does it fall on the matrix? Is it urgent or important or both or neither?



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