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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 19

– One of the paradoxes of how busy your front office staff actually is, is that one of the major areas that takes a lot of time is scheduling new patients.
– A, it’s the most important thing they’re doing is scheduling new patients, and B, it also can be one of the most time-consuming.
– What we’ve learned from doing this for 15 years, in the data of actually looking at who schedules appointments and then do they show up for their appointments and what kind of treatment do they accept, is that patients that take more than about five minutes to schedule their appointments generally are not good new patients.
– So oftentimes, I get the pushback when I tell a dentist this.
– “Well, they have a lot of questions. They’re asking lots of questions. My front staff’s trying to be super helpful to get these questions answered.”
– Well, when that happens, oftentimes the patient is asking a lot of questions because the trust hasn’t been established, or the front office hasn’t built the requisite trust.
– So they’re asking lots of questions because they still don’t feel connected, like they can trust you to come into your practice.
– So they’re asking for other things, other points of information.
– And when the calls run long like that, 10, 15 minute calls, it’s often a sign of that training at the front desk needs to be overhauled, and that can be a major time savings.

Colin Receveur

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