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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 43

- The greatest risks that every practice faces right now and in the future is not the quarantine, it's not future shutdown orders. 

- It's not the stay at home orders but rather, the biggest risks that every practice in the country faces is what is it going to look like when they reopen? 

- The huge issue is that every single practice expects two things. They expect to be competitive and they expect to prosper. 

- Yet, very, very few – less than 5% – are actually preparing for how they're going to accomplish that. 

- Legendary Indiana basketball and Olympic coach Bob Knight said this: “Most people have the will to win. Few have the will to prepare to win.”

- And what I'm saying, the message to you today, is not about the will to win. Everybody here has the will to prosper and to be competitive and successful. 

- Very, very few are preparing to achieve that outcome in the future. 

- And you need a specific and well thought out plan. 

- If your plan does not deal with the new problems, the new dangers and the new opportunities that are out in front of you... 

- I'm going to propose this to you: Figuring out how to survive the shutdown is a waste of time. 

- You might as well close your door and go bankrupt, because there's no point in trying to survive the shutdown if you equally aren't trying to figure out how to open up and thrive on the other side.


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