What Kind of Freedom Is Most Important to Dentists?

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Patient Attraction Episode 1063

Happy 4th of July to everyone! This is the holiday where we gather to celebrate our independence, and to eat too much and shoot off loads of fireworks. Our forefathers paid a heavy price for the freedoms we enjoy, so I think it’s the perfect day to think about those freedoms. On this July 4th, I want to talk about one particular way dentists can use “the pursuit of happiness” in their professional lives. I’ll be back after the break to tell you more.

– I’m Colin Receveur, founder and CEO of SmartBox Web Marketing.

– Thanks for tuning in to this special Independence Day episode of the Patient Attraction Podcast™.

– Dentistry is a great profession, and it’s usually ranked as the first or second best profession in the U.S.

– I see a problem with that statistic, though, because I know thousands of dentists, and too many of them are unhappy.

– They’re unhappy because they’re working too hard, too long, for too little.

– Their practice is an unending stream of drill-and-fills, crown replacements, and similar, unsatisfying procedures.

– It wears on dentists after a while because there’s no real enjoyment or sense of accomplishment.

– There’s just a lot of bending over and drudgery.

– There’s also the sense that the next day will be just like the current one.

– That’s not why dentists go to dental school, in my opinion.

– Most dentists have certain types of dental challenges that really get their enthusiasm up.

– It could be implants, or orthodontics, or periodontal disease.

– The point is that handling more of the cases they love to do can put the joy back in dentistry.

– In my opinion, dentists have sacrificed too much and work too hard to not enjoy what they do.

– That’s part of the reason that SmartBox Web Marketing exists.

– My dad is a very successful dentist in the greater Louisville, Kentucky, area.

– I’ve seen the times when he wasn’t doing what he loves.

– Now, in part thanks to SmartBox, he’s the go-to doctor for dental implants in the Midwest.

– And he’s having a ball doing what he truly enjoys.

– I want you to have the freedom to pursue more of what you love, whether that’s specific dental cases or some activity outside the office.

– Doing low-value cases day in and day out won’t get you that freedom.

– SmartBox uses our industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ to help dentists get more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

– Attracting more loyal and higher-value patients gives you a return on your marketing investment that you won’t believe.

– Many of our SmartBox dentists are getting ROIs between 1700 and 4600 percent.

– And many of those higher-value patients can present with the types of dental problems you love to solve.

– That’s what Dr. Thomas J. Feder found when he partnered with SmartBox.

– He told us,  “Our average case value has increased.

– “People are coming in looking for dentures and implants.

– “The practice is now overwhelming our dental lab.”

– If you’re missing the joy of dentistry, and you’re serious about your success, here’s what you can do.

– Go to www.PatientAttractionBlueprint.com and schedule a Patient Attraction System Blueprint™ call.

– We reserve those sessions for dentists who want to see a Patient Attraction System™ that can double or even triple their practices.

– Join us for our next podcast.

– Until then, keep moving forward.


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