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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 89

- Is your practice website actually doing its job?

- To borrow a phrase from the cable series Forged in Fire, let's talk about your website here.

- There's probably no other area where you get what you pay for is less true than in design and content. 

- Now, you might think this is getting really tactical and granular here. And you'd be right. 

- Dental practices need a stream of new patients to keep their practice full, to keep their chairs full, and to keep their staff and themselves happy. 

- But not all practice websites are up to the job of getting enough patients to book online or to call the practice. 

- It's a given that your website has to function flawlessly, rank highly in organic search, load quickly, be easy to navigate with calls to actions, and so on. 

- And if it's not flawless, get it fixed quick, because you're losing patients and money. 

- But what's on your website is even more important.

- And if what's on your website is all about you, you've got what I call a big old We-We problem. 

- And that's a phrase I coined long ago. And it describes a dental website where the content is way too doctor and practice centric, about all the services that we offer. 

- We do this, and we do that, and we offer this, and we have the best and we have these certifications. 

- And we have these professional memberships. Everything is we this and we that.

- What else should it be? Well, glad you asked. 

- It should be far more focused on the patients and the change that you're going to make in their life with your solutions to their dental problems. 

- Now, here's why. Today, the overwhelming majority of dentists are considered to be competent, right? 

- If you go back 50 years, we all remember and we've heard the white-knuckle stories from the dental chair when dentists were questionably competent. 

- In today's world, everybody is assumed to be competent. And there's no real reason to choose one over the other except for location, availability and price. 

- Now, if that's all you want to compete on, you're going to get a slice of the patients in your market, probably the insurance-driven ones, and you'll be working for the insurance companies for whatever they decide to pay you six months from now. 

- But just as important, your website is the linchpin for all of your online marketing, and all of your marketing in general. 

- It's the final step for almost every new patient before they schedule or call you. 

- And if your website doesn't do its job, you're flushing dollars down the toilet. 

- So give it the attention it needs and deserves, and you'll find those new patient numbers skyrocketing.


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Colin CTA