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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 32

- Most dentists think their job is doing dentistry. 

- You and each of your team members do things all day long. 

- And the challenge is that so does every other dental office, most dentists, we have to get them out of the weeds and understand that your job is not just suck and spit and working on teeth. 

- Your job is serving your patients in a way that inspires them to want the dentistry that they need. 

- Once you think your job is doing dentistry, you're going to revert back to an eight hour a day job instead of passionately serving your clients. 

- Now, the daily grind wears everybody down and dentists are no exceptions.

- The first casualty of job fatigue is your passion, passion for the patients and for the work that helps you stand out from every other dentist. 

- And that passion, communicated properly to your prospective patients, is going to motivate them to choose you. 

- Being passionate about low prices is a loser. Passion for your patients gets you more of the patients that you want to attract. 

- If you want to see what a patient attraction system that can grow your practice consistently looks like, schedule a Practice Growth Call.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA