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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 124

- No dentist I've ever talked to said they went to dental school to become a professional babysitter.

-And yet, when you hear them talk about their practice and how it runs, it's clear that they feel like they have to keep their thumb on everything and their hands in everything if they want to avoid disaster.  

- That's not a recipe for success.

-In fact, this method of running a practice can make life at your office pretty miserable. 

- But what are the alternatives?

-You can delegate, but that usually ends up with the doctor losing control of what's going on.

-You can abdicate and just stick your head in the sand like some dentists we've seen. But it's only a matter of time before something bad happens with that approach.

-The only real route to success is to figure out how to exert total control over your practice without having to keep an eye on every little detail to keep it running.

-In our work, we call this building a practice that runs itself.

-You're in total control, but you're not distracted with the million little details like you are right now.

-Instead, your mind is clear, crystal clear, to do the thing you love the most, the thing that brings profit into your practice. And that thing is dentistry.

-Dr. John O'Rourke is a great example of a dentist who did just this.

-He built his practice up to $6 million a year by building a practice that runs itself.

-It worked so well, he actually cut his work down to three days a week.

-If you're okay with results like those, grab a copy of this report we prepared for a limited time that tells his story.

-Life is too short to babysit your dental practice. Build one that runs itself, and then spend your time doing what you love to do.


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