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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 104

- At some point in every dentist's career, you hit a point where you ask yourself if all of your hard work is worth it. 

- Yes, your production is probably doing great, but there's not a lot to show for it at the end of the month. A lot comes in and a lot ends up going out. 

- And the money that actually ends up in your pocket doesn't seem like it's enough in exchange for all of the risk and trouble that you put in.

- Shouldn't you be walking away with more profit at the end of every month? Even without knowing anything at all about your practice, I can confidently say the answer to the question is yes.

- And here's the reason, for most dentists profit is what is left over after everyone else gets paid. And with that frame of mind, profit takes a back seat in a lot of practices. 

- If your practice was a train, you'd be sitting in the caboose. That's if there was a seat available. Some months, you wouldn't get a seat at all.

- And for most dentists, profit is the last thing that you ever think about after everything else is taken care of. So what happens if you upgrade profit to the first class seats and you let it ride in the front of the train?

- What if profit and overhead become the priority? What happens if you think about profit first and then design the rest of your practice around that?

- What would happen is that your entire practice would be transformed. Total transformation, simply because you chose to think differently than the average dentist out there.

- If you want to dig deeper into this topic and start making moves that can multiply your profits, get a copy of our Ultimate Profit Fix Report. I'm going to walk you through a much more profitable way to make sure all of your hard work is paying off.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA