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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 123

-If your practice isn't generating the revenue you need, the obvious solution is to ramp up production. Right? 

- Except that's actually the problem, and maybe you've experienced this before. That approach that chases the carrot of production, directly in a way that requires a lot of effort from the doctor.

- Do that for a few years. Chances are, you're gonna be close to burning yourself out if you even make it that long. 

- Chasing the production number is a bit of a mind trap, and it creates total misery for a huge number of dentists across the country. 

- The goal is not to become a dentist who produces millions per year. It's to become a dentist who runs a practice that produces millions per year. 

- That doesn't mean you're not doing dentistry. It simply means that you're looking at the practice from a system's point of view. 

- The difference is one of focus. Meaning, where are you putting your energy? 

- If you put your focus directly on production, then come next year, that's exactly what you'll have to do again, and this is what leads to burnout because it's a lot of work. 

- If you put your focus on the systems and the processes that clear the way for you to do the dentistry, it's a completely different approach. 

- Systems remove the obstacles keeping you from maximizing your profitability in your practice. 

- Systems clear the way for you to do more dentistry, better dentistry more often.

- Dr. John O'Rourke is a perfect example of this. He's a guy who's a big thinker, who wanted to ramp up his production. 

- And to get that number high enough, his plan was to add more chairs and even more locations because he was focused on production directly.

- We showed him a way that was more systematic and process-oriented to achieve the same thing. 

- He took his monthly production from $235,000 a month to $609,000 a month, and actually cut his work week a day without adding any new chairs and without adding any new locations. 

- In an effort to save dentists from the misery of burnout, we've published this report outlining exactly how Dr. O'Rourke made all of this happen.

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