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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 84

- Dentists who handle their own marketing are making two major mistakes. 

- One, they're getting less than optimal results, in many cases a lot less. 

- And two, they're taking away from the time of what makes them money. 

- There’s a better way to get new patients that dental school didn't teach you. 

- And they didn't teach you about marketing, and they didn't teach you about running a business. 

- So pat yourself on the back for keeping your practice open, particularly through these really trying times.

- You've probably taken some management courses and watched podcasts about marketing and running the business side of your practice. 

- And you've learned that today's marketing is way more complicated than it was even 10 years ago. 

- Now, you might have a real talent for marketing. But more than likely, it's just the necessary thing that you have to go do. 

- But no matter how gifted you are at promoting your practice, you're still an amateur that does the work part time. 

- There's no way you can achieve the same result as a trained full-time professional. 

- So if you're self-marketing, why, it's just not cost-effective. 

- Multiply your hourly rate by the time you spend coming up with ads, writing content, doing social media posts and so on, and see what the real disparity in your income is. 

- I mean, not to mention constantly updating your website search engine optimization, if you're doing that right. 

- Once you've crunched the numbers, figure out the rate of return for your efforts. And if you're not getting at least 10 to one, you're wasting your time and money. 

- Now, let's face it, you don't make a dime off of doing the marketing for your own practice. You make money by treating patients and solving their dental problems. 

- That's what you went to school for. That's what you're trained for. And that's what you excel in. 

- Maybe it's time to find a reputable firm that can get you more of the patients you want

so that you can earn your true potential doing what you love. 

- Just be sure to choose a company that can handle everything so you're not coordinating all kinds of things with different vendors.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA