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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 50

- One of my favorite places in the world to go is Alaska.

- My dad took me there as a kid, and we’ve just kind of gone back every few years. 

- We'll go up there for a little fishing trip. And it's a super serene and peaceful place. 

- And one of the trips up there, we were out fishing and just to give you an idea, we're in remote Alaska. 

- We fly into Juneau, we take a four hour boat ride to a little island community out in the middle of nowhere. 

- From there we get on a plane, a little float plane or another boat to go an hour out into the wilderness up into the streams. 

- Oftentimes we'll run into a waterfall and have to get out of the boat there and hike up around the waterfall.

- And either carry a canoe into some of these freshwater ponds that are in the mountains up above Alaska up above way above Juneau, and then we'll even go through those lakes up into the tributary streams because that's where there's some really amazing fishing when the salmon are running up in the streams in the fall. 

- And one of the trips up there... All the guides up there carry firearms, some of them carry rifles and shotguns on their shoulders. 

- Some of them just carry pistols, but everybody up there carries some kind of firearm for personal protection. 

- And our particular guide was carrying a big ol’ revolver, a Smith and Wesson 500. 

- This thing is like the Dirty Harry. It's more powerful than Dirty Harry's .44 Magnum. This is a 500 Magnum. 

- And I asked a question because we were up in the stream, and a big ol’ mama bear and two little cubs walk out of the woods, maybe 50 yards ahead of us. 

- And we stopped and just watched and kind of the beauty of nature. 

- And I said to the guide, “Is that pistol really going to stop that bear?”

- And the guide smiled at me and he goes, “The pistol’s not to shoot the bear. The pistol’s to shoot you.”

- And it took me a second to figure out what he was saying. 

- But that was a really important lesson that you can apply into your practice. 

- The guide doesn't need to outrun mama brown bear. The guy just needs to outrun me, and if he shoots me he’s pretty guaranteed that he's going to survive. 

- And that's the same way in the crisis that we've been in. It's the same way in your business and in your practice in good times. 

- You don't need to outrun the bear. The bear in this analogy might be the economy. It might be the stock market, it might be the COVID crisis and the shutdown orders. All those predicaments. 

- The bear is kind of like the predicament. You don't need to outrun that stuff. You just need to outrun the guy down the road. 

- Dentistry is an essential service that's not going away. People are going to need continuing dental care. And that's a service that's not changing. 

- Now, how that service is delivered, how the consumer wants to digest, so to speak, that service may change and may tweak. But dentistry is still here. 

- So the question is not, how do we beat the economy? Or how do we practice in a bad country? 

- To me, the question is, how do we practice and be in the top 10% of everybody in the market area here? 

- How do we need to excel and level up ourselves and our team and our practice so that we're outrunning everybody in our market area, because the demand is still gonna be there for dentistry. 

- You've just got to be the lead dog in the pack. That’s like the old expression goes: if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.


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