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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 136

- Almost every dentist works hard. So if that’s the case, why do so few of them reach the levels of success they want?

- If success was about hard work, then all of the dentists who spend countless hours at the office should all be successful.

- But they’re not.

- Success at the elite levels of dentistry requires a different mindset. A mindset that focuses less on “hard work” and more on strategic action.

- These two things are very different.

- Hard work might be the easiest way to solve a problem TODAY, but strategic action is the BEST way to solve a problem over the long term.

- The average dentist operates almost exclusively in a NEAR FUTURE mindset. That means they are hyper-focused on today, or this week or this month.

- This is the mindset of the overworked dentist. Because hyper focus on the details leads to hard work dealing with all of those details.

- Elite dentists approach things differently. 

- Their mind is focused on a different level of the business. A more strategic level. A level where doing ONE thing can impact MANY things.

- If you’re stuck in the day-to-day mindset of the average dentist, this can take a little bit of work to shift.

- The most effective way to shift it is to surround yourself with dentists who have already done that.

- Dr. Tom Peterson is one of those dentists.

- He started his career in dentistry working VERY hard…for a long time. And then he changed. And he moved to the strategic action mindset.

- His production doubled, and then more than doubled again.

- These days he’s doing $4 million a year working 2 days per week.

- If you haven’t read his story, get it at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com.

- Life is too short to spend it all working hard. Especially when there are dentists out there who have already figured out a better way.


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