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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 130

- Most dentists are trained to think that the solution to struggle is to work harder. 

- It doesn’t matter if “struggling” means you’re working too much to get by or that you just can’t get to the next level of production.

- The reason so many dentists struggle isn’t because they’re not smart, talented or capable, it’s because they spend their time focusing on the wrong things. 

- Things that do NOT move them forward. Things that, over the long term, actually move them BACKWARDS.

- What most dentists do in a down market is just one example: Once turbulence shows up in the economy, it’s usually a mad dash to keep the schedules full.

- If this is your response, you already lost.

- In a down market, it’s the patients with the least amount of discretionary income who decide to press “pause” on dental care.

- The most profitable patients are still there, ready and willing to pay the expert they choose to help them. 

- The savvy dentist knows this. 

- And that’s the reason the savvy dentist invests so much time and focus on BEING that expert and attracting those most profitable patients, long before it’s necessary.

- When the market slows, the average dentist goes hungry as he competes with everyone else for the remaining lower quality patients.

- The savvy dentist just keeps moving forward with a full schedule.

- Dr. Tom Peterson started his career as an “average” dentist. 

- He did all of the things you’re supposed to do. What did he get for it?

- He got long hours, lots of stress and a never ending stream of MORE WORK.

- Eventually, he decided to start playing a different game. A game that involved becoming THE expert in his area. A game that focuses on attracting the most profitable patients available.

- These days, the results speak for themselves.

- He generates over $4 million per year and works two days per week.

- This is not luck, this is on purpose.

- You can read more about how he did that at www.WealthiestDentistReport.com.

- The quality of your future is the product of the decisions you make TODAY. 

- Are you making decisions that lead to an average life or decisions that lead to a life most dentists don’t think is possible?


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