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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 46

- The reality of the 2008 recession is that 75% of the practices that declined, did not recover. 

- They had a five to eight year recovery; they only recovered at one to 2% a year. 

- The biggest risk that most practices face right now is not how did they or are they weathering the current storm that we're in? 

- It's how are they going to recover and maximize? 

- If you're okay, having the next five to eight years rhyme with what happened in the 2008 recession, then by all means, keep doing things the way you've done them. 

- The math is, the reality of the situation is, if you've endured a low time or a close time, you need to have an increase over the next four to six months in order to make the same money this year as you did last year. 

- And if you were shut down for a few months, and you can have a 20% increase over four to six months, you can make the same money this year, as you did last year, but those situations don't happen automatically. 

- You've got to go figure it out and work at it so that you're not the guy five to eight years from now that is still part of the 75% of all the dentists in the United States that are still in a recession while everybody else has come out of it.


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Colin CTA