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A Minute (Or Two) With Colin Receveur, Episode 41

- If you look at the educational system in this country, and you look at the teachers and principals and administrators and everybody that exists in our higher education system, they exist in somewhat of an echo chamber. 

- They're all PhDs. They all grade themselves based on the higher education and higher degrees, and more degrees that each of them have, and their pay is directly linked to whether they have a master's or a PhD.

- Which is why you see so many professors continuing on in their educational path, because they want to earn more money. 

- Now, I also see a lot of dentists that have some of these same beliefs. They live in this same echo chamber. 

- They believe that clinical excellence is going to equal unlimited growth and drive patients in the door, or worse, they're not thinking about how clinical excellence is actually going to equate into unlimited growth, and they're not making any assumptions.

- Now, this is a tough one because you should have goals to improve your clinical excellence throughout your career, right? 

- The problem is not are you a good clinician or are you a good dentist? 

- The problem is that being a good clinician will not necessarily attract a bunch of patients or even the right kinds of patients. 

- Now, I would say that if there's one group that I have seen consistently struggle with growing their practice and being financially successful, it's been prosthodontist and periodontist and non-orthodontist specialists, and they struggle with paying your bills and surviving more than any other group of dentists that we run into. 

- If you don't want to be the dentist that struggles, let us show you your path and build the systems that we can install into your practice so that you have a clear path to success.


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Colin CTA

Colin CTA