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Get everything you need for your digital marketing, team training, and practice issues.

At SmartBox, we're dedicated to helping all dentists succeed, clients and non-clients alike. That's why we offer a wealth of free dental marketing resources that you can use to fine-tune the growth of your dental practice. You'll have everything you need to grow a dental practice and experience lasting success. We suggest bookmarking this page; you'll want to revisit it often.



Practice Growth Blog

SmartBox's weekly Practice Growth Blog offers timely and useful information for dentist-owners on a variety of topics: online dental marketing, dental practice growth, dental team training, legislative issues impacting dental practices, dental research findings, and much more. We publish a new blog every Thursday to help you grow your dental practice.

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"A Minute (or Two) With Colin" Podcast

Colin's weekly podcast is your single-source gateway into the mind of the man who transformed online dental marketing and is now revolutionizing dental practice growth. New episodes of Practice Growth Dental PodcastTM air every Monday, and you'll want to catch every one.

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Practice Growth Magazine

Our Practice Growth Magazine is SmartBox's free, flagship dental practice growth publication. Semi-annually you'll receive an issue with in-depth articles covering three areas: your Practice, your People, and your Patients. Learn how to:

  • Fine-tune your dental practice's policies and procedures
  • Create your team-driven practice
  • Recruit and retain A-players
  • Get more higher-value patients
  • Increase your average case value

And much more.

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Free Practice Growth Reports

Our treasure trove of free reports and e-books practically redefines the word "cornucopia." But there's a common theme running through all of them; helping dentists succeed, thrive, and enjoy life

Regardless of your dental marketing and other practice growth needs, you're almost certain to find something that will intrigue, challenge, and help you overcome obstacles in growing your dental practice. Have a look; downloading is free and easy.

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