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In addition to helping more than 9,000 dentists get more of the new patients they want, SmartBox Dental™ has created programs to:

  • Train your current team to the highest level
  • Recruit, hire, and retain the right A-players 
  • Solve your practice management issues

And, we make it easy for you to hit the ground running!

Our White Glove Walkthrough Consultation Call

The fact that you're researching team and practice development programs speaks volumes about your commitment to growth and success. 

Many, if not most, dentists often consider team development to be a "when I have the bandwidth and the energy" proposition. In times like these, that's more understandable than ever.

This is why we've implemented our White Glove Walkthrough Consultation Call for practices that purchase any of our A-Player or Success Academy™ programs. The call is a 30-minute investment of time that can pay massive dividends; you'll be positioned to implement your  program quickly, smoothly, and with maximum effectiveness. 

So, have a look at our family of  A-Player and Success Academy™ programs, but please keep the White Glove Consultation Call in mind. We'll make it easy for you to put your chosen program into action.

White Glove


With the A-Player Attraction SystemTM, you'll successfully recruit and hire the right A-players for your practice.

You'll learn how to focus your efforts by defining your Team Member A-Player ProfileTM; make your practice an attractive A-Player "destination"; and hire right the first time using our objective A-Player Hiring SystemTM.

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Training up your team can be the hardest part of a dentist-owner’s job; they don't teach that in dental school. But you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

When you order the A-Player Team Development SystemTM, you'll receive a host of resources that will help you structure your team development efforts and create your own team-driven practice.

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Our A-Player Advanced Development SystemTM includes an amazing online, on-demand, 14-video curriculum and accompanying workbook. Your team learns at their own pace, aided by in-curriculum quizzes.

From that first incoming call to your highly satisfied patient scheduling their next appointment, your profits will soar.

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Success Academy - PeopleTM is the online, on-demand, video-driven curriculum you need to recruit more A-players and to coach your existing team members to a higher level! 

When your team masters the 5 A'sTM  (the true drivers of revenue) you'll experience HUGE increases in revenue -- as much as 158%!

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Few dentists have the training to create a team-driven practice, one where all team members are aligned with the Vision for the practice. Team-driven practices outperform and outearn the traditional practice model.

Our online, on-demand, video-driven curriculum covers every aspect of helping you and your team cohere as a focused unit to achieve remarkable practice growth.

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Success Academy - PremiumTM is a collaborative way for you, your practice manager, and your team to learn, grow, and succeed from your peers instead of having to reinvent the wheel.

Conducted largely online, Premium features Front Office Coaching, Course Deep Dive, and Practice Manager Alliance.

*Available to doctors who have purchased Success Academy - Practice.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"The ability to know where the calls are coming from: being able to see exactly which campaign is being successful - I know where the marketing dollars are going. Daily, when the call comes in, I get an email about it and I can listen to it if I want. We can monitor what's successful and what's not so we can fine-tune and tweak and be as successful as possible."

— Dr. Robert Klein - Liberty, Missouri

"With SmartBox, we're spending 30% less money on marketing and attracting more higher quality implant and reconstructive cases than we were before. We have access to all the recorded calls that are coming in through all the telephone lines that you guys set up for us. Everything is under one umbrella so if we have any concern or if we need to reach out to someone, it's just one telephone number."

— Dr. Piyuse Das - Houston, Texas

Dr. Takacs
"How many calls are we converting? We're listening to phone calls now, we're training our team that answers the phone on how to answer the phone, to convert that potential patient to a scheduled patient. The metrics and keeping track of all that has just been invaluable for the office. SmartBox is not just a website company, it's a marketing company, it's a training facility."

— Dr. Patricia Takacs - Lexington, Kentucky

"The lead-in from the time of scheduling this day was very helpful, all the emails, the little coaching points. The steps of what I needed to do was very well written and easy to follow. Your coaching as far as how to call them and what to say was right on the money."

— Dr. David Dinsmore - Broomfield, Colorado

"Most of the marketing practices, it's all, 'Expand hours, expand services, expand locations. The answer to everything, is volume.' I started researching Colin and looking at SmartBox. And I said, okay, I'm on board with this. These guys think like I do. They see the market like I do."

— Dr. Jeffrey Fester - Roswell, Georgia