Collaboration, Inspiration, Success!


You CAN Have It All

Success Academy - PremiumTM is a collaborative way for dental teams just like yours to learn from your peers, and to grow, and succeed without having to reinvent the wheel.

There's nothing like getting solutions to issues from others in the dental field who have already solved those challenges. Success Academy - PremiumTM provides the opportunity to do exactly that.

The three components of Success Academy - PremiumTM are:

  • Front Office Coaching
  • Course Deep Dive, and
  • Practice Manager AllianceTM


The program is conducted largely online, with the Course Deep Dive and Practice Manager AllianceTM video conferences facilitated by David Bonney, SmartBox's Chief Strategy Officer. 

Front Office Coaching is facilitated by Denise Williamson, an amazing instructor with over 30 years of front office experience. Your front office staff will learn from someone who actually does what they do, and does it superbly! And, they'll learn from each other as well.

Front Office Coaching helps practices Answer more calls, Appoint more new patients, and get more those patients to Attend their appointments. Those crucial metrics are the first three of the 5 A's of the Dentist's Money Funnel, and even incremental gains in those areas can help practices realize enormous monthly revenue gains.

Proven Strategy And Real-World Outcomes 

Success Academy - PremiumTM is designed for dentist-owners and practice managers to get answers from their peers about their most pressing and vexing issues. Learn what's proven to work from those who have done it!

You're looking for real-world examples from your peers. Success Academy - PremiumTM is like getting peer-reviewed results that you can trust in a setting that allows for additional real-time exploration. 

We want to make certain that you have an in-depth understanding of everything involved with Success Academy -PremiumTM and what you can expect. To get started, schedule a call with our Practice Growth Consultant below.


What They're Saying

"The ability to know where the calls are coming from: being able to see exactly, which campaign is being successful—I know where the marketing dollars are going. Daily, when the call comes in, I get an email about it and I can listen to it if I want. We can monitor what’s successful and what’s not so we can fine-tune and tweak and be as successful as possible."

— Dr. Robert Klein - Missouri

"We’ve had tremendous results from working with SmartBox. The favorite things that have kept me excited is the fact that we can monitor the calls coming in, listen to the calls, and really help our front desk grow in terms of verbal skills because it’s one thing to get the calls, but you’ve got to convert those calls. That has helped me coach my team a little better."

— Dr. Travis Watson - Marietta, Georgia

Dr. Takacs
"How many calls are we converting? We're listening to phone calls now, we're training our team that answers the phone on how to answer the phone, to convert that potential patient to a scheduled patient. The metrics and keeping track of all that has just been invaluable for the office. SmartBox is not just a website company, it's a marketing company, it's a training facility."

— Dr. Patricia Takacs - Lexington, Kentucky