Proven Practice Growth Solutions For All Your Challenges – Known & Unknown

You might know exactly what you need to grow your business. Or maybe you just know that things aren't going well enough. 

No worries; SmartBox has proven solutions to patient, team, and practice issues.

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Need More & Better Patients?

Dentists everywhere need a constant supply of new patients to keep their chairs filled. How's that going for you? Are you getting an unending stream of insurance-driven routine cleanings, exams, and minor restorations? Are you even getting enough of those?

Need more patients to keep your chairs filled? Our Patient Attraction System® was born during the Great Recession and continues to deliver for our doctors today. 44% of our members are achieving 200% (or more) over their monthly New Patient Opportunity goals. 

SmartBox originated as a dental marketing firm. SmartBox Founder and CEO Colin Receveur almost single-handedly revolutionized how dentists go about getting more and better patients. Online dental marketing services still form a major portion of what we offer dentists, and no firm does it better.

Discover how SmartBox can solve your patients' problems. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation, 45-minute Practice Growth CallTM.

Need A More Focused & Aligned Team?

Your team is made up of great people doing the best they can. But are they doing well enough? It's surprising how few dentists actually know. Even fewer know what they can do to help their team thrive. It's equally surprising how much low morale can impact your revenue and growth.

SmartBox's Success AcademyTM is the key to leveling up and supporting your team. Our online, on-demand, video-driven curriculum is designed to help your team master the 5 A'sTMAnswer, Appoint, Attend, Accept, & Average. You can more than double your monthly revenue with just incremental gains in each of the 5 A'sTM.

With Success AcademyTM, you can turn your team into A-players and create complete alignment with your Vision for the practice. Minimal drama, cohesive teamwork, and higher revenues.

Discover what Success AcademyTM can do for your bottom line and your happiness.

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Need Your Practice To Be More Efficient & Productive?

Do you ever wonder what you could have accomplished if only you'd done things a little differently? Or what you could accomplish now if you only had a clear path forward?

Neither of those scenarios is surprising. After all, dental school taught you nothing at all about running a business. If you feel that things can be better – more efficient and more productive – you don't have to tackle those issues alone.

A great dental consultant can help, but choose wisely. There are a lot of consultants out there, but relatively few offer a holistic approach to helping you grow your practice.

SmartBox provides comprehensive, one-to-one and group consulting services for dentist-owners and practice managers. You can learn from our experts and from other doctors who are facing and overcoming the same challenges you're facing.

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