Proven Practice Growth Solutions For All Your Challenges – Known & Unknown

You might know exactly what you need to grow your business. Or maybe you just know that things aren't going well enough. 

No worries; SmartBox has proven digital dental marketing strategies, advertising tactics and solutions to patient, team, and practice issues.

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Need More & Better Patients?

Dentists everywhere need a constant supply of new patients to keep their chairs filled. How's that going for you? Are you getting an unending stream of insurance-driven routine cleanings, exams, and minor restorations? Are you even getting enough of those?

Need more patients to keep your chairs filled? Our Patient Attraction System® was born during the Great Recession and continues to deliver for our doctors today. 44% of our members are achieving 200% (or more) over their monthly New Patient Opportunity goals. 

SmartBox originated as a dental marketing company. SmartBox Founder and CEO Colin Receveur almost single-handedly revolutionized how dentists go about getting more and better patients. Online dental marketing services still form a major portion of what we offer dentists, and no company does it better.

Discover how SmartBox can solve your patients' problems. Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation, 45-minute Practice Growth CallTM.

Need Your Practice To Be More Efficient & Productive?

Do you ever wonder what you could have accomplished if only you'd done things a little differently? Or what you could accomplish now if you only had a clear path forward?

Neither of those scenarios is surprising. After all, dental school taught you nothing at all about running a business. If you feel that things can be better – more efficient and more productive – you don't have to tackle those issues alone.

A great dental consultant can help, but choose wisely. There are a lot of consultants out there, but relatively few offer a holistic approach to helping you grow your practice.

SmartBox provides comprehensive, one-to-one and group consulting services for dentist-owners and practice managers. You can learn from our experts and from other doctors who are facing and overcoming the same challenges you're facing.

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