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SmartBox Dental™ is the leading dental marketing firm. Whether your goal is to grow your new patient opportunities or to build a more profitable practice, the proven strategies in our tailor-made Practice Growth System™ will put your practice on the path to greater success.

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Your practice and goals are exclusive to you. SmartBox will create a plan for you to reach them, whether you want to:



Increase your bottom line with more new and better patients using tailored-to-you marketing strategies to attract the high value cases you want.

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Ready. Set. Grow. Expand your practice, increase your profits, or hire the best team. No matter your growth goals, we can help you get there using a combination of proven marketing techniques. 

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Use custom marketing strategies to generate top-line revenue in a coordinated, measurable, and scalable way. The best part? It’s all done for you which means more freedom and opportunity to do what you want.
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Logo-Wht-Mark-SmartBox"One of the things that attracted me to SmartBox is that you guys do offer everything, which is important."  

Dr. Neal Patel, Columbus, Ohio




44% Of Our Doctors Achieve 200%+ Of Their New Patient Opportunities

Get more patients in your chairs, and markedly increase your revenue! Our Success AcademyTM dental team training makes all the difference!



52% Increase In Average Patient Value Over 2 Years

You don't have to go it alone, and you shouldn't! Our dentist consultant services help average practices become thriving practices.



$6.13B In New Patient Opportunity

Based on an independent analysis, SmartBox's dental marketing has generated more than $6.13B (yes ... billion) in new patient opportunities for our clients.


What You Can Expect


Get More New and Better Patients

"The main thing that SmartBox has done is attract the types of patients that we want to treat. We’re a talented group of doctors, and we never mind doing small cases, but we like the challenging cases, and SmartBox has targeted that audience. We see that we’re doing much more multidisciplinary-type case work. The main thing is the number of new patients and the quality of patients."
– Dr. Joseph Griffin
Florence, South Carolina
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Grow Your Practice

"Since working with SmartBox, we have had a 30 percent or higher growth each year. We’re busier than we’ve ever been and more profitable, and we’re averaging about 20:1 with our return on investment with our marketing dollars spent. It was even as high as 50:1. My goal is to double our practice size in the next two years, and I really feel confident that with SmartBox we can accomplish that."

 – Dr. Michelle Haynes
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
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Reduce Hassles and
Have More Time

"Before we went live with SmartBox, we had one practice location, and at that time, we were getting about 20 new patient opportunities a month. Now, 11 months later, we have two practice locations and we’re averaging about 70 to 75 new patient opportunities a month. It’s been a big increase for us and it’s all due to the targeted marketing that SmartBox has done for us."
– Dr. Dick Davenport
Laredo, Texas
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About SmartBox DentalTM

Helping Dentists Thrive.

As a practice growth firm, our mission at SmartBox DentalTM is to help dental practices of any size – single location, multi-location, and DSO – thrive by turning their investment into bottom-line profits. 

Regardless of your definition of growth, you'll need more and/or better patients, higher average case value, and higher profits to get you there. 

SmartBox turns your investment into profits by providing state-of-the-art marketing, training, and dental consultant services. Our comprehensive approach to practice growth delivers the results you want, and more.