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SmartBox Dental™ is the leading dental marketing and consulting firm. Whether you're a single-location practice or DSO, if you need more new patients or help to build a more profitable practice, we have a tailor-made Practice Growth System™ just for you.

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Predictable Growth

$5.01B In New Patient Revenue

Based on an independent analysis, we have generated $5.01B (yes.. Billion) in new patient opportunity for our members.

Better, New Patients

200%+ More New Patients

44% of our members are achieving 200%+ (or more) over their monthly New Patient Opportunity (NPO) goals.

Less Waste

52% Higher Patient Value

Increase in Average Patient Value after 24 months. Getting BETTER patients means attracting more patients willing to accept larger & elective treatments.


What's A Practice Growth System™?


Step 1: Practice Growth Call

Every market area and every practice is uniquely different. That's why we don't do cookie-cutter packages that anyone of your competitors can also buy. Your Practice Growth Call allows us the opportunity to discuss and fully align with your practice's specific goals so that we can craft your tailor-made Practice Growth Roadmap.


Step 2: Practice Growth Roadmap

After your Practice Growth Call™, our team goes to work, running a full-market and competitive analysis and will craft the exact Practice Growth System™ that will hit the goals discussed. You'll walk away from the Roadmap, knowing exactly what to expect as far as timeline, strategy, and the realistic cost per patient acquisition in your market.


Step 3: Practice Growth Investment

If you want cheap, off-the-shelf, generic solutions, then we're not the partner you're looking for. Just like you couldn't provide an accurate cost of treatment without first doing an exam, we offer you the best, upfront pricing for your Practice Growth System™ to maximize the ROI to your practice.


Step 4: Practice Growth Maximizer

We're not just another generic dental marketing firm. There's no reason to invest in getting 30 new patients if you're losing 50 out your backdoor. That's why your Practice Growth System™ will focus on total practice growth, by including everything you need to convert new patient leads, into a full schedule and butts in the chairs, and maximize your revenue growth.



Step 5: Practice Growth Guarantee

Our process of getting extremely aligned with each one of your practice's unique goals, combined with our Practice Growth System™, and our total approach to practice growth, we are confident in guaranteeing that you'll hit your new patient opportunity numbers that you need to succeed.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

"With SmartBox, they told us exactly what to expect, which I appreciated. 'This is where you are, this is something we can help you with.'..."

Dr. Kevin Groth

Bingham Farms, Michigan

"Our case size was $2500 per new patient. Since SmartBox, it has grown to now $5400...."

Dr. Mitchel Friedman

Newman Springs

"The first month we went operational, Colin’s webpage work and Google SEO increased our April Contracts and Collections by 25.7%!..."

Dr. Randy Schmidt

Chicago Area

"SmartBox has been very instrumental in the growth of our practice, going from 250-300, 350 new patients per month ..."

Dr. Katie Post

Northwest Dental - Rochester, MN

"We’ve been thrilled to see that we’re averaging about 20:1 with our return on investment with our marketing dollars spent. ..."

Dr. Michelle Haynes

Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"Running your practice by yourself can feel overwhelming. With our help, you can increase the quality and quantity of your new patients, which will allow you to get back to enjoying life."
Colin CTA

Colin CTA